Welcome to Palmetto Fish Art, the home of fabulous fish fashioned from South Carolina’s state tree!

Each Palmetto Fish is unique, hand cut and hand painted from the wooden ends of Palmetto tree fronds. All fronds are natural cast-offs of living trees or “throw-aways” from local landscapers’ work. The individual fronds themselves determine the final size and shape of each fish created. Sizes in the Palmetto Fish population range from 6” – 18” … all are keepers! South Carolina artist Fran Burnett first cuts each fish from fronds on an antique band saw, handed down through three generations in her family, then adds color and detail to complete the repurposing of cast-off fronds to fabulous fish!

Click on the Media link to see Fran explaining the process of fish making on South Carolina ETV’s popular “Making It Grow” television show earlier this year!

The Palmetto frond makes an ideal medium for fish… its natural curvature along with the wet-look finish added by Fran makes each fish seem to be swimming right across the room . These funky little fish add instant interest to just about any spot in your home or office – on kitchen backsplashes, over doorways, on bathroom walls, on walls of sunrooms to living rooms … anywhere you want a bit of real South Carolina southern charm!

Each fish comes ready to hang from a single nail. Longer or more curved fish require that the nail stick out from the wall far enough to allow for the curvature…a real 3-D look on the wall!